Strategic Financial Consultation (SFC)

A Strategic Financial Consultation is a holistic review of your wealth creation goals, considering issues around tax, asset protection, estate planning, finance and structures, to assist you in meeting your objectives.

Our SFC Service

Our SFC is a personalised accounting service designed to assist either aspiring, seasoned Investors and business owners to review their financial situation and provide expert tax and accounting advice.

Prior to your financial strategic consultation, your financial position and long term goals are reviewed by a Senior Advisor (submitted prior to the appointment) so as to maximise the consultation time that’s essentially forward thinking with an emphasis on practical next steps.

Throughout your SFC, a Senior Advisor can discuss in depth, where you are today and what next steps you could consider that would preserve, protect and continue to grow your wealth, whilst legally reducing taxes.

For SME owners, we combine a real understanding of your business with financial analysis to establish accurate projections. It is not uncommon that many businesses are contacted by their accountant warning of a bigger tax bill than they were expecting.

4 Step Approach | Business Strategy


We sit down with all our clients and your initial meeting will be conducted by a Senior Advisor.

Step 1 |Crunch (and compare) The Numbers

Provide us with your income & cashflow statements, balance sheets and your P&L statements.

We will uncover:

  • Business profitability
  • Year on Year comparison
  • Cashflow
  • Sales and growth
  • Reasons why these impact on your business

Step 2 | Review your Business Goals

Did you outperform your profit goal? Or not quite turn over as much as you’d wanted to?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Did you diversify your business (and income streams) during the year in line with a business development strategy?
  • How profitable was this new branch of your business compared with the main source of income?
  • Have you thought about what you can stop doing and start doing to be more profitable?

Step 3 | Review your Costs and Contracts

  • Are there any errors, double-billing or unnecessary costs?
  • Has any category of costs blown out with little return?
  • Are there any opportunities to outsource and save?
  • Can you review contracts for things like telecommunications, insurance and utilities, or discover more flexible products?

Step 4 | Perfect your Processes

As you’ve been carrying out these checks, you may be thinking there’s an easier way.

  • Was it difficult to get all your financial reports together?
  • Did you neglect goal-setting?
  • Was it a little time-consuming to come to an understanding of your expenses?

Well, there is often an easier way. Consider redesigning your finance-related processes to eliminate any duplication. For example, have a look at technology options and automated solutions that can help you manage and track this data. A consultation with an accountant, bookkeeper or business advisor may help you get the right advice and improve your processes.

This could not only save you thousands of dollars each year but also allow you to achieve business growth aspirations that you did not think possible. The best part is that we can undertake this analysis with some very simple information.

So, are you ready? Let’s start.


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