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At Investment Plus Accounting Group, we empower clients to take control of their wealth. We prioritise financial independence achieved through astute investing and innovative, fully compliant strategies aimed at minimising tax obligations and safeguarding assets. While many accountants rigidly adhere to established rules, we stand apart by focusing on optimising tax burdens and preserving your hard-earned wealth.

Why we stand out from the crowd.

Are you paying more taxes than necessary?Do you want to minimise taxes, protect your assets and  stay 100% legally compliant with the ATO?

  • Traditional accountants prioritize rulebook adherence over tax minimisation.
  • We diverge from this approach, aiming to liberate business owners and investors from excessive taxation.
  • Our clients achieve significant tax reductions, sometimes up to 100%, all within the bounds of Australian tax regulations.
  • Imagine the possibilities with a 30-45% increase in business income.

Consider how much faster your investments could grow without regular government deductions.

Begin your journey today by scheduling a Strategic Financial Consultation with us. We specialize in leveraging taxation loopholes to ethically reduce your tax burden and safeguard your wealth. Our innovative tax strategies adhere meticulously to all ATO regulations, ensuring legality and compliance. Our clients have collectively saved millions in tax, all achieved through lawful means.

Have you considered the benefits of setting up an overseas tax residency – We have offices in Dubai and New Zealand.

Establishing an overseas tax residency can potentially reduce your tax liability to zero, and we offer tailored options to accommodate various individual circumstances. The initial consultation comes at no cost, allowing you to explore your options and discover what opportunities are available to you.

Are you a business owner or do you work online? As the world rapidly shifts towards online and offshore work, there’s a growing gap between evolving practices and outdated laws. This gap presents an opportunity to leverage innovative and legal solutions.

For over two decades, we’ve assisted Australians from diverse backgrounds in transitioning offshore and substantially reducing their taxes, often down to zero percent. While we’ve helped numerous satisfied clients, it’s crucial to note that legal loopholes are gradually closing.

Act swiftly, as now is the optimal time to pursue non-residency before the window of opportunity closes. With an increasing number of individuals engaging in online work or trading various assets, governments are tightening regulations. Taking action promptly ensures you can legally secure an advantage.

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity!

Step by Step Guide to Setting Up an Offshore Tax Plan 

1. Develop Your Overseas Tax Strategy
Before embarking on offshore relocation, it’s essential to ascertain its suitability for both you and your business. Engage in thorough discussions with our experts regarding your financial standing, income streams, and assets. Through this consultation, we’ll assess the feasibility and advantages of an overseas move, shedding light on setup costs and additional expenses. This comprehensive evaluation empowers you to make an informed decision from the outset.

2. Assess Your Tax Savings
Explore the potential tax savings and financial gains associated with your offshore transition. Our specialists will conduct a meticulous analysis of various tax structures tailored to your individual and business needs. This assessment will outline the advantages and disadvantages of each approach, providing you with a personalized recommendation aligned with your unique circumstances.

3. Select Your Ideal Location
Choose the optimal country that aligns with your financial objectives and personal lifestyle preferences. Beyond tax considerations, our experts will factor in aspects such as safety and healthcare services. Through a thorough evaluation of potential destinations, you can confidently select the location that best suits your requirements.

4. Ensure Legal Compliance
Facilitate a seamless and legally compliant transition overseas with our tax concierge services. Our team will meticulously handle the creation and management of essential structures, ensuring full compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, we provide clear guidance on the functionality of these structures, ensuring your understanding and peace of mind.

5. Adapt to Legal Changes
Benefit from ongoing support through our tax concierge service as legal landscapes evolve. Our team remains vigilant in monitoring and adapting to tax law changes, keeping you informed and shielded from potential risks. Rest assured, you’ll always remain fully compliant with prevailing regulations, safeguarding your financial interests.

6. Maintain ATO Compliance
Rely on our team to uphold meticulous ATO compliance standards throughout your offshore endeavors. We ensure that every detail is accurately documented and coordinated with your existing accountants and advisors, guaranteeing your safety and compliance at all times.


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